With The Takeover just a few days away, here are the final instructions. You should now all have completed your test calls, but if not, please email Mark directly to arrange. 

Signed Artists Only

If you are signed to a record label, please ask your record label to click here and follow the instructions to white-list the Right Chord Music Facebook page in advance of your set, this will ensure we don't get any takedown requests. This can be done within your label's content management system and should be quick and easy.

Final Checklist

  • Familiarise yourself with the schedule and your time on stage remember all times are UK

  • I will aim to contact you 5-10 minutes before your set starts on Facebook messenger to ensure you are ready

  • Ensure all devices used to film are fully charged

  • If you have the possibility to use a wired connection rather than WiFi take it!

  • Disconnect other non-essential devices during the live performance to ensure your speed is optimised

  • If you are using a smartphone to film your set - consider a tripod - holding a smartphone steady is tough

  • Always film in landscape it looks much better on laptops and phones

  • Remember if you start your broadcast in Portrait mode the only way to switch to Landscape is to stop and start again. If you rotate your camera after you start you will appear sideways on the screen

Emergency Contact

If you have any problems on the day, you can text / Whatsapp (+44) (0)7795 238011 email ( or Facebook instant chat me.

How to start your performance from a laptop

Follow the six steps below, step 5 is crucial - if you don't crosspost to your own page your fans won't be able to see you play (unless their have accepted the event invite)

How to start your performance from a mobile phone

  1. Open the Facebook app and search for Right Chord Music (You want the page not the Group)

  2. Click 'Publish' (just underneath the logo at the top of the page)

  3. Choose 'Live video' from the list

  4. Tap to add a description 'Your name live for The Takeover Festival'

  5. Click on raise money and search Nordoff Robbins

  6. Click on Start live video

Sharing your performance on a mobile

From a mobile device there is no simple way to crosspost to your artist page. so please ensure ahead of the show you instruct your fans to either:


1. Accept the event invite,

2. Follow the Right Chord Music Facebook Page

3. Head to (All live performances will be here)

IMG_6844 2.PNG
IMG_6845 2.PNG
How To Go Live With A Laptop

Final word

Thanks again for being a part of The Takeover Festival and for helping support Nordoff Robbins. At the end of your performance, thanks to Bose we will be promoting each of your performances so expect your viewers to continue to rise. All the performances will sit here so you can watch them back and share them at any time.